AKO Group renews collaboration ties with IRTA

February 2020 On February 12 at the AKO Group premises the agreement, signed two years ago with the Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA), was renewed.
It is a clear reaffirmation of its commitment to promote research that allows the development of new sustainable and efficient refrigeration solutions that provide considerable energy savings and protect the environment.

Notably AKO Group is one of the leading technology companies in the sector with a history of over 4 decades of innovation and know-how in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration. Continuing synergies with the IRTA for the application and development of AKO Group‘s knowledge is one of the company’s main objectives, as shown by the words of its CEO, José Luis Bescós: “from the very beginning we have strengthened our ties with the same enthusiasm and a broad vision of the future, because our commitment to innovation is the strategic axis of the growth and differentiation of our business ”.
The company’s 2,800 m2 test and demonstration facility in Monells (Girona) is used to develop AKO Group‘s state-of-the-art solutions for protecting the cold chain through gas control, monitoring and energy efficiency in refrigeration.