AKO Group and VIDAL Automatización y control SL

AKO Group enhances its ability to produce and deliver electrical power supply panels.

AKO Group and VIDAL AUTOMATIZACION Y CONTROL SL, have reached an agreement to establish a Strategic Alliance with the aim of leading the development, manufacture and sale of control panels for the Industrial and Commercial Cooling market.

VIDAL AUTOMATIZACION Y CONTROL SL, an Engineering and Automation services firm and manufacturer of special electrical panels and series for air conditioning, industrial cooling, control and automation of processes, offers a series of products and services that have positioned them as a leader in the industry.
On our part, from AKO Group, we develop connected innovative solutions for achieving an efficient and sustainable cooling and as part of our expansion plan, we are strengthening our business by establishing alliances and partnerships with local as well as international operators.

At AKO Group we have asserted that VIDAL AUTOMATIZACION Y CONTROL SL is an ideal partner for the development, manufacture and sale of control panels and integrated IOT for the Industrial and Commercial Cooling market and VIDAL AUTOMATIZACION Y CONTROL SL considers that, in terms of their expansion strategy, by partnering with AKO Group they will benefit from the soundness, guarantees and experience AKO Group has demonstrated throughout their long track record in the sector as a benchmark industrial and technological group.

The Alliance between AKO & VIDAL will operate in Spain and will extend to the current countries they operate in as stipulated in AKO Group’s strategic and international expansion plan.