Happy Earth World Day

More than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from factors like pollution and deforestation.

There are powerful ways you could celebrate Earth Day 2022, the way we generate energy has a big impact on our planet. At AKO Group we are taking part in making our world a healthier place to live, adopting energy-saving measures and helping protect the planet.

A refrigeration system has an extremely high level of energy consumption. It is important to manage it efficiently, which can lead to an annual reduction in consumption of up to 35%.

We have developed several solutions in control, monitoring and connectivity to make refrigeration systems or cold rooms more efficient.

Managing and optimising refrigeration systems through connected controllers enable remote optimisation of refrigerated areas. Efficiency improvements are around 5%.

Monitoring and tracking of refrigerant gas in any refrigeration system plays a crucial role in a plethora of ways: energy efficiency, looking after the system, reduction in costs, the safety of people and respect for the environment. Our gas detection system avoids up to 45% inefficiency.

Therefore, a temperature control and monitoring system, together with an early gas leak detection system, doesn’t just enable energy consumption to be drastically reduced, it also improves the performance of the system and the product stored.

With all of it, we manage to reduce the environmental impact that we cause and this translates into an improvement in the health of everyone around us.

Earth World Day, invest in our planet!