AKO held technical training with over 850 future professionals in the Refrigeration sector from Rabat

AKO held technical training seminars in the “Complexe de Formation Profesionelele-Hay” vocational training centre in the town of Nahda (Rabat), with over 5000 students where 3 professional training cycle seminars were given on Refrigeration, which were attended by over 850 people.

The main objective of these training seminars was to demonstrate the use of cooling technologies and how to install them. During these seminars the students had everything they needed to for practical exercises and to gain more in-depth knowledge of the technological solutions with high added-value and reliability that AKO offers the refrigeration market.

The company specialising in solutions for the domestic and international industrial and commercial refrigeration market, in its clear commitment to the promotion of young talent and sharing its knowledge and broad experience of more than 40 years in the sector, has full confidence in the great importance of these seminars in promoting Vocational Training.

The value of this is to encourage and motivate the sector’s professionals, thus improving the quality of domestic and international Vocational Training in a meeting point among professionals, trainers and future professionals in the refrigeration sector.

Future young professionals were able to test the star devices of the different ranges in the extensive product portfolio AKO offers. Temperature regulation and recording solutions, as well as power and control solutions for compressor plants. Devices that extend their benefits to the entire Refrigeration process, guaranteeing a safer and more efficient cold chain, from the control room to the sales rooms, passing through the cold production and food preservation rooms. To find out more, take a look at our website www.akosys.com