AKO closes its 2016 annual convention with the whole team’s participation

The annual company convention was held on July the 14th and 15th, basing the whole event on trusting the members of the team, from the product and process training seminars to the leisure activity the whole team enjoyed. Backed by the slogan “We believe in ourselves” the company’s Human Resources management, that led the event, was able to fulfil the goal of transmitting the company values, effort and work, alongside planning, as a modus operandi. Considering self-criticism and learning essential points in improving the customer experience and continuing working on the quality of the solutions and services that AKO offers the market.

As a prelude to the summer holidays, the meeting’s main goal is to present and analyse the results of the first half of the year and work on the actions that need to be implemented to achieve the planned growth and international company expansion goals, with a heavy emphasis on the new projects to be undertaken.

The annual AKO convention is planned as different work sessions, which include product training, presenting the major new developments that will be launched in 2017, which will reinforce AKO’s leadership position in the current market, in addition to presentations of the most relevant sales points, current sales situation, annual company objectives, business opportunities and much more. Company members can attend and actively participate in the different workshops which different areas of the company prepared, including the Innovation, Product, Sales and Marketing departments, among others. All this under the supervision AKO‘s Head of Human Resources.

José Luis Bescós, AKO’s General Manager, spoke of the strategy for the short and mid-term future that the company will be following, and thanked the assistants for their work within the continuous transformation that companies with the scope of AKO undergo.

The icing on the cake was the activity organised for the whole AKO team of more than 130 people. An activity that was a true representation of the values and goals they had worked on during this annual convention. Thanks to the collaboration of the Colla Castellera “Xicots de Vilafranca” the AKO team members climbed up several human towers or Castells.