Digitisation Award for our IoT and BIG DATA Cold Chain Monitoring project

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the journal Logística Profesional, the presentation of the Awards for Efficiency, Sustainability Innovation and CSR in Logistics 2022 was held in Madrid, where we were honoured with the Digitisation Award for our project IoT and BIG DATA Cold Chain Monitoring.

The event highlighted the essential significance of digitisation and sustainability in logistics, two of the main characteristics of the value proposition of our Cold Chain Monitoring solution for the food and pharmaceuticals sectors.

We are proud that the temperature-controlled logistics sector values and rewards our technological monitoring solution to guarantee the supply chain, based on IoT, a low-cost technology, without gateways or strings, that makes it possible to roll out thousands of monitoring points, and to which leading companies in the logistics sector have already committed, alongside the digitisation of their business.

The system, with several cybersecurity links, enables us to optimise the cold chain and thus cover our customers’ main requirements: generating information for optimisation, ensuring the traceability of the temperature, geolocating shipments and managing incidents with an alarm and notification system, as well as estimating the shortening of the useful life of the foodstuffs in the event of cold chain incidents. This function reduces “food waste” and increases the sustainability of the food system, enabling the logistics sector to improve safety and efficiency.

It is recognition of a technological solution that responds to one of the strategic projects that more and more companies in the logistics sector are currently implementing: their digital transformation.