Casa d’Empara has implemented an IoT environmental monitoring solution from AKO as a security measure.

Casa d’Empara in Vilanova i la Geltrú is a benchmark institution in elderly care. For more than 140 years, they provide the best care for the well-being of their elderly users.

2020 was a new challenge in our history and forced us to innovate quickly to guarantee the health and comfort of our users” says Carlos Bardera, Manager of the non-profit organisation.

One of our lines of work was to assess and record our facilities’ correct indoor environment. Thanks to the IoT environmental monitoring solution from AKO, we have reliable and accurate information to maintain optimal environmental conditions, minimising the risk of contagion and maximising environmental comfort for users and workers” Bardera explains.

Xavier Albets, head of research at AKO, a company born in Vilanova in 1978 and a leading manufacturer in temperature and gas detection control and monitoring, says:


We wanted to share our technology to help fight the spread of the pandemic. Multiple studies have recently shown a correlation between good management of indoor environments and reduced virus spread through aerosols. Thanks to our devices, which are connected to a cloud software, we measure and record environmental temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration, and we transform the data into information to make decisions and send warnings or alarms to manually ventilate rooms or start ventilation automatically… In this way, we can maintain optimal levels, minimise the risk of contagion and maximise users’ comfort, i.e., ventilating just what it is necessary, following objective criteria. In addition, this solution makes it possible to openly share the information (accessible from any mobile phone, tablet or computer), so that all stakeholders, users, workers and families can consult the environmental status

Finally, Carlos Bardera says “We must seek innovation for solving real problems and challenges; together with AKO we have taken another step in the fight against the pandemic