ENCE put once again its trust in MES Engineered Solutions by AKO to develop two important projects in 2015

MES Engineered Solutions by AKO has been awarded two large projects in the cellulose sector driven by Ence Energía y Celulosa, the European leader in renewable energy production from forest biomass

Octubre, 2015. MES Engineered Solutions by AKO, empresa especializada en soluciones de distribución de energía y control de instalaciones ha llevado a cabo el suministro, instalación y puesta en marcha de Centros de Control de Motores y Centros de Distribución de Potencia, en las fábricas de celulosa de eucalipto de la compañía Ence Energía y Celulosa situadas en Pontevedra y Navia.

Ence has once again opted for the energy distribution and motor control solution offered by MES Engineered Solutions by AKO. It is a personalised, comprehensive service, ranging from the application, design and project engineering study phase, through to installation and commissioning and up to after-sales service, extending their business relationship of more than 10 years.

MES carried out the provision within a four-week time frame, a record for this facility type, underlining the high level of ability, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the customer, Ence. Since the industrial process for paper processing is continuous, with only one week of respite available per year, it therefore fixed dates for replacement, installation and/or maintenance operations for all of the electrical systems.

MES Engineered Solutions by AKO’s high degree of expertise has been a key factor in leading both projects, thanks to engineering ability and tailored design solutions. Solutions are adapted to the specific characteristics at facilities, with the replacement of existing equipment that can withstand particularly aggressive environmental conditions, due to the extremely corrosive environments in which work during the production process of the pulp takes place.

All of this is in compliance with the strictest protocols of quality in both the design and development processes, ongoing manufacturing, installation and maintenance of all of the elements in accordance with the national and international certifications in force that accredit them; specifically IEC 61439 and UNE EN 61439.

In recent years, the company MES Engineered Solutions by AKOhas consolidated its national and international industry sector leadership, obtaining the contracts for the supply and installation of energy distribution solutions in numerous projects and in different kinds of applications. These notably include Nestlé processing plants (Santander, Spain), Futila power plant (Angola), the Beni Mathar water treatment plant (Morocco), along with a number of thermo-solar plants such as Gemasolar (Seville, Spain), Solana (Arizona, USA), Crescent Dunes (Nevada, USA), Kaxu (South Africa) and Bookport (South Africa). Outstanding results have been obtained through the participation and involvement of the MES Engineered Solutions by AKO professional team, providing the highest standards of quality which ensure the smooth operation of the facility on completion.