The revolution in Cold Room Control, Monitoring and Regulation


AKO introduces the most advanced and intuitive cold room controller in the refrigeration market: AKOCORE ADVANCE®.

AKOCORE ADVANCE ® is a self-adaptive and integral Cold Room controller specially designed to optimize Cold Rooms by actively improving four critical axis:

Reduce Costs of Maintenance, Time of Installation and Start-up:

A typical issue with advanced regulation systems is the complexity related to their parametrization, with often more than 50 parameters to adjust. This scenario usually leads to mistakes during commissioning, and/or long commissioning processes, besides several interventions on the following days in order to ease the malfunctions, while fine tuning the controller.

AKO has designed the most intuitive and easiest error free wizard to optimally configure the controller, by setting only 2 parameters:

– Type of installation: autonomous or distributed, electrical or hot gas defrost, with or without pump down function, etc. The wizard covers different configurations that are clearly depicted on a selection table, the contractor only having to choose the appropriate one.

– Setpoint

Besides this intuitive method, unique in the market, with which the contractor saves a lot of time by starting up the installation, AKOCORE ADVANCE® is a self-adaptive controller that will be self-adjusting some parameters, while looking for the optimal regulation of the cold room, avoiding the need of further interventions to fine tune the controller, typical even weeks after the cold room was commissioned.

These features reduce on-site contractor interventions in the range between 10% and 15% (1).

Optimal frost reduction on evaporator (cooler):

AKOCORE ADVANCE® is equipped with Self-Drive © algorithm patented by AKO. This intelligent algorithm is constantly evaluating the frost status on the evaporator, as well as behaviour and use of the Cold Room, to decide when the defrost is needed, ensuring no blocked coolers with ice and reducing the number and duration of defrost up to 95% (2).

This huge reduction on defrosts cycles is achieving not only an important reduction on electrical consumption, but a more stable temperature inside the cold room, while also reducing thermal fatigue on evaporator and, hence, mitigating the risk of fractures and leaks.

Energy efficiency and better care of the product and the installation:

The Self-Drive © algorithm is also managing the fans in a smart way, factor that can achieve up to 30% less time of compressor activity (2), making use of free-cooling techniques when combined with the known frost level on the evaporator. This fact, together with the reduction on defrosts commented above, is achieving top optimization of the Cold Room by:

– Reducing Energy Consumption up to 40% (3)

– Improving product care by increasing Time in Setpoint up to 15% (2)

– Achieving up to 30% less compressor activations which leads to less mechanical stress and therefore, longer span-life of the installation (2)

Show the benefits to your customer:

AKOCORE ADVANCE ® is also equipped with CAMM Module ®, which is the best contractor’s friend nowadays. This Module records all the activity in the Cold Room, including:

– Temperature Datalogger of all the probes, compatible with EN-12830

– Behaviour of the compressor, time in setpoint, number of defrosts, control of the door, alarms, HACCP, etc… allowing predictive maintenance to be done.

– Changes in the configuration, allowing the contractor to identify if someone has changed any parameter and when, reducing aftersales costs

–  Local connectivity by Bluetooth and even Remote Connectivity without need of Webserver or WIFI link, thanks to its Share function, reducing number of travels to the installation

With CAMM Module ® you can show your customer with all detail, how much you are improving the installation and his operations:


(1). Survey made by AKO on more than 100 contractors

(2). Data obtained on real installations with AKOCORE ADVANCE ®

(3). Data obtained by measuring electrical consumption of the cold room with a power metering before and after being controlled by AKOCORE ADVANCE ®