AKO at the summit of Refrigeration

The AKO Group has the privilege of attending and participating in the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2019), which takes place at the Palais de Congrès de Montreal from 24 to 30 August.

This international event, organised by the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), takes place every 4 years and brings together around 1,000 expert professionals and specialists, including engineers, technicians, scientists and research personnel, from all areas of the refrigeration, air conditioning and sustainable architecture sector.

The ICR 2019 Congress is supported by the scientific and industry communities of Canada and the United States. Under the theme of “Refrigeration for Human Health and Future Prosperity”, this edition’s purpose is twofold; on the one hand, to be a great exhibition of the most innovative solutions on the market, and on the other, to demonstrate the challenges and opportunities, as well as the difficulties and possibilities we are currently faced with in terms of energy efficiency, food safety, health, the reduction of global warming and the protection of the ozone layer.

AKO will be participating in several talks, in which the Doctors of Engineering from our R+D department will present the latest, market-leading innovations launched by AKO in recent years. Years in which the company began the digital transformation of both its internal processes and its solutions for energy efficiency and food safety, primarily.

AKO will be holding three presentations during the Congress, which will focus on intelligent temperature control by means of the AKOCORE Advance controller, which thanks to its SELF-DRIVE® algorithm, increases energy efficiency, prolongs and improves the preservation of the stored product and extends the useful life of the refrigeration facility.

The early detection of gas leaks by means of the AKOGAS Ndir transmitter guarantees energy efficiency by making savings in the recharging of refrigerant gas and in energy consumption and reducing maintenance costs, while indirectly reducing the impact on global warming.

And one of the latest innovations, the AKODATA solution provided by AKO for resolving the difficulties of the monitoring and remote management of food stored in refrigeration facilities, by means of its system warning against preservation problems and excessively high or low temperatures and by providing information for better product preservation while favouring energy savings.

It is worth noting that one of our Doctors of Engineering, an expert in refrigeration and food preservation, will be participating as a moderator on one of the round tables dealing with various relevant topics, in this case that of “Food Quality Monitoring and Safety”, in which debate and participation will be encouraged between the speakers and attendees.

Please visit the following link, where you will find more information on this international, world-leading refrigeration event https://icr2019.org/