AKO Group participates at ANUGA FOODTEC 2022, the leading trade fair in the food and beverages industry

AKO Group is part of the ensemble of more than 1,700 exhibitors from over 154 countries, meeting at ANUGA FOODTEC 2022, one of the leading international trade fairs, to stay abreast of what is new in the food and beverages market.

From 26 to 29 April, Koelnmesse (Köln, Germany) brings together all players in the food sector cold chain, and from AKO Group we want to contribute our knowledge and experience in temperature monitoring to protect products throughout the entire cold chain of food companies as well as share innovative trends in technology.

We have heard first hand and have held conversations that are very relevant and of great interest to us, with companies in the logistics, meat, and food sectors, who have a very high opinion of our AKODATA solution for digitising and saving costs, and preventing the spoiling of perishable products.

The health crisis we have experienced in recent years has drastically raised awareness in terms of food and beverage safety throughout the entire food chain.

ANUGA FOODTEC is committed to technological innovation to achieve a more sustainable and healthier food system in terms of intelligent production systems and process automation. In this scenario, in the Innovation Zone, our CEO of AKO Group Monitoring Germany, Michael Bruck, was selected to deliver a lecture titled “Innovative Solution on cold chain Monitoring”, which is our cold chain temperature monitoring solution.

Michael demonstrated how the monitoring and traceability solutions we offer are essential to the success of any business in terms of guaranteeing the freshness of food and perishable goods as well as pharmaceutical and health care products.

Because improving how we care for products by monitoring installations from any location and at all times means having a continuous data record available to detect inadequate storage conditions.