Committed to female talent

“Digital: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, is the slogan with which the UN this year honours and recognises that all women and girls across the globe have the right to access a digital education that allows the digital transformation to progress with the same equality of opportunities.

The number of women in the world of refrigeration is currently very small.

As drivers of innovation and the digital transformation, one of the main goals we have been working towards is to build a team through female talent, raising the profile of women within the industrial and technological sector, hiring and promoting women into roles traditionally seen as associated with men.

Our purpose is to remain committed to female talent

So that they can access positions of responsibility in our company and thereby achieve gender balance in the new present and future business scenarios, eliminating stereotypes and gender gaps.

We would like to make a special mention of our Head of External Relations and Board Management, Neus Lloveras, who began her career at AKO as financial director, thus being the company’s first female director. Currently, she is one of the promoters of the Fred-Hub project, a cluster focused on the digitization of all cold chain processes. One of its objectives, the attraction of female talent in the sector.