Serveo selects AKO as a technological partner to revolutionize railway catering in Spain

Through AKO’s 5G IoT technology, Serveo will be able to monitor and control food temperatures in real-time, from logistics centers to the end consumer on the train.

Madrid, 09 of april, 2024. Serveo, a leader in efficient and sustainable service management that drives the growth and development of its clients, has announced a strategic partnership with AKO to transform railway catering services in Spain. This project, driven by advanced 5G IoT technology, reflects both companies’ commitment to the environment, energy efficiency, and excellence in food quality and safety.

           Cutting-edge technology for superior quality and energy efficiency.


            Thanks to AKO’s technology, Serveo will be able to monitor and control food temperature in real-time, from logistics centers to the end consumer on the train. This ensures superior quality and a significant reduction in energy consumption, with an estimated saving of up to 10%.


Commitment to sustainability and excellence in service.


Serveo’s initiative marks the beginning of a new era in the management of temperature-controlled food quality. With the deployment of the AKOData solution, Serveo adopts a cutting-edge strategy to maintain optimal cold throughout its storage and distribution chain, thus preventing food waste due to poor preservation.

Improvement of customer experience and the environment Sebastián Carro, Delegate of Serveo for Railway Transport, and David Lozano, Director of Digital Services at AKO, highlight the importance of this alliance for the sustainability and digitalization of refrigeration processes in railway logistics services. Furthermore, they emphasize how this collaboration benefits both regular users and the planet, enhancing the consumer experience on trains.


Serveo reaffirms its leadership in the pursuit of a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future in the railway sector. This collaboration with AKO demonstrates that IoT technology and innovation are key to achieving these objectives, thereby redefining the service standard in railway catering and positioning themselves as pioneers in sustainability within the sector.


About Serveo:


Serveo, with over 30 years of experience, is a leader in cross-cutting, efficient, and sustainable services that drive the growth and development of its clients and society, especially in the healthcare, public administration, infrastructure, industry, and corporate sectors. With more than 27,000 employees, it has a presence throughout the national territory, allowing for the management of high-impact and complex projects.


About AKO:


AKO is a company specialized in IoT solutions for temperature monitoring and control in various industries, including food and logistics. With extensive experience in the development of innovative technologies, AKO is dedicated to improving efficiency and sustainability in its clients’ processes through advanced technological solutions.



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